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United States
Just a forum posting, chatting addict,
I have a tumblr with many pages on it, several twitter accounts, a yahoo messenger ID, MSN Messenger, Skype, A LiveJournal, you name it :)
Add me and let's talk !

Favourite genre of music: Alternative / Indie
Favourite style of art: Naked
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Time again past, as it always does, the house had to be leveled and totally rebuilt. I stayed with my cousin in his friends house for a long while, making new friends and working still, prepairing for school, until more events I recall that happened preventing me from moving into the new rebuilt home and attending the classes I had registered for coming up in just several short months to come. I never did make it back into the new house, I had been there awhile, I thought it was time to move on when I got the chance, and that chance came, me being still so young and eager, I did it and left my cousin and his house, left my job and hit the road for better things. Which I regret now, so much time wasted, lost, spent doing nothing when I was young. If I could just go back, redo alot of things, I never would have left there and I would have went on to classes and been alot farther then I am now. Looking back and writing this page, I really see alot of mistakes I made when I was young and stupid. Now I am older and still stupid, getting stuck in ruts and dead end places, wasting time and wasting life, wasted efforts and hopes. Most of all though, Wasted feelings and thoughts, not saying shit to people that I should have said before it was too late, fucking up things here and there, not knowing what it all meant later, too stupid to know, too young to care, not knowing I wouldn't care til it was too late, like most people tend to do.

Picking up from here at this point in my life is when I started racking up mistake after mistake. I was about to make one of the biggest mistakes of my life when I left living with my cousin and moved away. I put off going to school and everything. I just picked up and moved away from everyone I knew and loved the most. Anyways, I am getting so ahead of myself. Let me get back on track and start from the beginning.

My brother was a bad drug head and was married. He meet this women that had moved here from Los Angeles. To make this boring ass shit shorter, He got hooked up with her and left his kids and wife and was moving to Los Angeles with her. A few weeks later he had a plain ticket, she had moved back to Hollywood or near the vicinity and had them an apartment to live in. He stayed behind a few weeks to get things in order I guess and flew down about a week later. He got there and got settled in and was working for a company installing alarms for their homes. I got to thinking, and I really wanted to go to Hollywood, so I called them and asked could I come down for awhile and check it out, being so young and not started school yet. I thought it would be a great chance to go and see other bigger places and see what Hollywood was all about. So I planned to leave everything I knew behind in a few weeks. I gave my notice in at Food Lion where I was working at the time. I went back to the college and got a refund for the classes I signed up for, I had already enrolled even and was set to take the classes. I packed up and was about to hit the road. A trip by car from coast to coast, from the east coast, all the way into Hollywood. My mom was all upset, and tried to talk me out of this, one son already gone and another planning to go across country as well, but my mind was set and I wouldn't hear any of it. I was going and she wasn't gonna talk me out of it. Sometimes now I wish she had tried a little bit harder, I should have listened but hell no. I packed my shit and was all excited. All of it wasn't a waste though, I will say that. The trip was fun and Hollywood was nice, well parts of it was, but I'll get into this later too, God I keep getting ahead of myself here, Sorry.

Anyways, picking up from there, I had packed my stuff up that was still mostly in Bill's shed. That's the man we was staying with while my cousin had their house rebuilt. It still wasn't done by the time I had picked up and was ready to take off. So I got it all outta their shed and packed into my car. The bigger stuff I couldn't take I gave away to whomever wanted the stuff. I went back to Mom's for about a week or maybe a little less until I was set to take off for my road trip. I remember getting that morning and my mom and dad following me to Interstate 20 where I would start off at in our Homestate. We stopped their talking for awhile and cried like I knew we would probably do. I was about to put over 2000 miles between us for the first time ever. It was the first time I had ever really been out of state without them. We would go up to Maryland into Hagerstown some and into Quintico, West Virginia, not sure if that's even spelled right, where all my cousins and Uncles and Aunt's lived. We had family in West Virginia and Maryland, and Also Washington D.C.

But as I said, this was my first real long trip away from everyone I knew and the only place I ever rightly will call and consider my home. I left that morning though, non the less, heading out for Los Angeles, all alone, car packed up, not even knowing how long it would take me to get there. I don't remember what day I left, or what day I actually drove into the heart of Los Angeles on Interstate 10 on. All I do remember is that it took me 3 and a half days to get across country and then a lil north of Los Angeles to a combined town called Palmdale Lancaster California. I suspect it's at least a good hour north of Los Angeles, hell it's been so long now I can't even remember for sure, but it was North of Hollywood.

Anyways, I had already been into Georgia many times before on Interstate 20 heading west, and as far as I could tell, all the way through til I got into Lousinia all the shit looked the same. But from Lousinia all the way into the rest of Hollywood, every state and all the sights seemed a bit different. Lousinia was really nice even though I was cutting through the uppermost part of that state. The way it was I could have only imagined what the lower parts of the state must have surely been like down in New Orleans and the parts down there. The Upper part was very different from South Carolina over into Alabama alone. I don't really know what it was about it, I remember crossing some huge Bridge inbetween Alabama and Lousinia, I forget what River that is, but the Bridge right on the other side of Birgingham is very huge. I am thinking that's the Mississippi River that I crossed, If not someone please correct me, that knows the right answer. From the west side of the Bridge over that far I had alot of neat and new things to see along the way. That upper portion of Lousinia was really unique to me for some odd reason. It sorta had long stretches through it that sorta looked like wheat fields or something, I am thinking that's what it was, but I ain't to rightly sure. Anyways, it was all different. That's as far as I made it the first day, into Lousinia someplace. I was dead tired after gutting through 3 to 4 states in one day, I thought it was time to rest, knowing I would hit Texas State Line sometime that next day, never realizing just how fucking wide that state is, it encompassed most of the damn trip. If you could like totally take out the State of Texas, a cross country trip would be like nothing to me. Yanno, just take it out like a puzzle peice and splice Lousinia back into the state of New Mexico, well yeah, then the trip would be a breeze. Texas is a whole different story within itself on this page.
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